What we do

Hands-on repair, for a safe and fast easy destruction of hard drives and data, refurbishment of a wide range of computer electronics from PC's and Laptops to storage and networking equipment.

GreenTek Solutions entirely eliminates the risk associated with electronic recycling by managing the entire process from pick-up to final destination. We recover, re-market and recycle technology from companies from all sizes, large public retail, government entities and education institutions.

We are effective, with us you are guaranteed to get fair market value for your I.T equipment.

Send us a list of your equipment and get an appraisal in less than 24 hrs.

Trade-In yout I.T equipment with us.




  Even if GreenTek Solutions decides not to purchase your equipment, we will still offer to recycle it for you free of charge.
  • Buy IT Equipment
  • Sell IT Equipment
  • IT Asset Recovery
  • Refurbish
  • Recycle
  • Pick Up and Shipping on us.