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Online shopping is about to start collapsing. The reason why is because people are still quarantined, and shopping online is almost inevitable while being home not doing much.

People are not able to go out to the mall and shop as they did before the pandemic. The servers are really crowded because shopping online has become one of the most popular actions that users enjoy as a hobby and for necessity.

How to Properly Decommission a Data Center or Colocation “Colo” Data Center

If you’re considering a data center decommission, it could be because your IT assets are outdated, your business and technical requirements have changed or your organization is moving your data center to the cloud.

No matter the reason behind your data center decommissioning, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing how to inventory, remove and, if necessary, destroy or recycle your used IT equipment.

Big steps in coronavirus vaccines development

About 6 months ago, the entire world stopped because of the coronavirus outbreak. Quarantine came for almost everyone. First, it was supposed to be for maximum 2 months, but unfortunately, as time passed, the virus had been spreading faster among society. Due to the fast spread of the COVID-19, the medical sector has been extremely saturated even if the patients were not infected by the coronavirus. The hospitals were crowded at the point that they did not even have rooms or medicine to treat patients with a different health disease.