Sell Used NetApp Equipment

Get a competitive offer on your NetApp IT assets

Sell your used NetApp storage equipment and gain back residual value

Do you know how much your used NetApp storage equipment is worth, even if it’s sitting unused due to IT upgrades or age?

Discover the residual value your NetApp IT assets hold with GreenTek Solutions' nationwide NetApp buyback program, your opportunity to clear out space, get maximum value for your equipment and prevent it from becoming worthless e-waste.

Who We Buy Used NetApp Equipment From:

No matter the size of your business or its industry, your NetApp storage equipment is valuable to us and we’re ready to partner with the IT Director, CFO, MIS, CIO, CTO or IS Manager of your organization, offering competitive rates and expert service.

Why Companies Sell Us Their Used NetApp Storage Equipment

Greentek Solutions knows that competitive, fair pricing is important in buybacks, but so is great client care, quick payment and professional communication. We set ourselves apart from other ITAD providers, providing additional services like equipment removal, data center decommissioning and data destruction to make selling your NetApp storage equipment simple and easy..

With our expert buying team and their 30+ years of combined experience in NetApp equipment, you can expect a prompt quote and payment for any NetApp equipment that you no longer find useful.

What GreenTek Solutions’ Clients Sell To Us

Even if your NetApp IT assets have been sitting for a while or seem to no longer have value, it very likely does and it’s important to contact us soon to prevent valuable NetApp storage equipment from aging into e-waste. We will provide competitive price quotes on NetApp products and maximize your return on investment.

Plus, if you need to purchase refurbished NetApp equipment, you can get in touch here or call 713-590-9720 to purchase from our team of ITAD experts.

Creating Valuable Partnerships

Businesses built on long-term collaboration and mutual benefit last, which is the cornerstone of GreenTek Solutions’ culture. We’re driven to build long-term collaboration and partnerships with clients and partners around the globe. When you sell or buy NetApp equipment with our team, you’re working with experts that value your business and experience.

Purchase Refurbished NetApp Storage Equipment from Us

Not only are we a buyback partner to our clients, we’re also your source for refurbished and used NetApp storage equipment at surprising prices, providing businesses globally with tested, warrantied IT assets. You can have confidence that the NetApp equipment you purchase from us is like-new, but far less expensive than brand new items.