Sell Used Supermicro Equipment

Get a fast quote and competitive prices for your Supermicro assets

Sell your used Supermicro Server Equipment

Do you know the value of your Supermicro server equipment, even if it’s sitting in storage or a few years old?

Find out what it’s worth and earn back the residual value of your Supermicro IT assets with GreenTek Solutions' nationwide buyback program, your opportunity to clear out unused equipment and avoid it becoming worthless e-waste.

Who We Buy Used Supermicro Server Equipment From:

Whether your business deals in a single server or multiple server rooms, your Supermicro storage equipment is valuable and may hold a surprising amount of value. We partner with the IT Director, CFO, MIS, CIO, CTO or IS Manager of your organization, opening up a revenue source and offering additional services like IT asset management, packing and transport, data destruction and more.

Why Our Clients Sell Us Their Used Supermicro Storage Equipment

You want competitive, fair pricing for your Supermicro equipment—plus great client care, quick payment and transparent communication. GreenTek Solutions provides all of this and more, setting us apart from other ITAD vendors, making it easy to sell your Supermicro equipment.

With our team of IT experts and their 30+ years of combined experience, you can always expect a fast, fair quote and speedy payment for any Supermicro equipment you are ready to sell.

What GreenTek Solutions’ Clients Sell To Us

Even if your Supermicro IT equipment seems to no longer have value, it likely does and it’s important to contact us quickly to prevent it from aging into e-waste. We will efficiently provide competitive price quotes on your products so you can maximize your return on investment.

And, if you need to expand your IT capacity with refurbished Supermicro equipment, you can get in touch here or call 713-590-9720 to purchase from our team of experts.

A Focus on Valuable Partnerships

We believe businesses built on long-term collaboration and mutual benefit last, which is the cornerstone of GreenTek Solutions’ culture and client experience. We build long-term collaboration with clients and partners around the globe so, when it’s time to sell or buy Supermicro equipment, they know they have a team of experts to rely on, even on short notice.

Buy Refurbished Supermicro Storage Equipment from GreenTek Solutions

We’re more than a buyback partner, we’re also your source for tested and warrantied refurbished Supermicro equipment at amazingly competitive prices, an opportunity to expand your IT assets and capabilities. You can have confidence that the Supermicro assets you purchase from us are in great condition and backed up by our full warranty.