Sell Used Phone Systems

Get the most valuable possible from your used phone systems

Sell your used phone equipment and VOIP phones

If you’re searching for the best way to dispose of your phones, phone equipment or VOIP phones and get paid top rates, GreenTek Solutions can help.

From phones and computers to laptops, PCs, servers, storage systems, routers, switches and more, you can earn back a portion of your investment through GreenTek Solutions’ buyback program.

How to Sell Your Used Phone System

With three options, you have the flexibility to choose which scenario best fits your business and needs.

  • Option 1: You can earn a negotiated flat fee from GreenTek Solutions, getting a quick quote and fast payment.
  • Option 2: You can consign your used phone system to GreenTek Solutions, which will sell your equipment for the most money possible. After selling your equipment, you’ll get quick payment with GreenTek Solutions earning a mutually agreed upon percentage of the sale.
  • Option 3: If your phone system is too old and no longer has resale value, GreenTek will uninstall, transport and properly dispose of the phone system in an environmentally friendly way and, in some circumstances, provide this service at no-cost.

Why Our Clients Sell GreenTek Solutions Their Used Phone Systems

With extensive experience in ITAD, Greentek Solutions is able to provide maximum buyback value with quick payment, focusing on making the entire process easy and seamless.

You can count on all quotes to be accurate and fair, including estimates for removal, sorting, inventory reporting and storage, leveraging extensive expertise in phone, VOIP and IT systems, no matter the make or model.

Plus, GreenTek Solutions will handle all transportation costs, generating even more value when selling your used phone system.

What does GreenTek Solutions Require to Buy Your Used Phone System?

    For a fast, accurate quote, simply send:

  • A brief description of your phone system or VOIP phones
  • A few pictures showing the condition of your equipment
  • A list of models and quantities

Recapture your investment in your phone systems or VOIP phones with GreenTek Solutions. Get in touch here or call 713-590-9720 for an accurate quote.