Professional Tape Shredding Services

Secure and Certified Tape Destruction

GreenTek Solutions (GTS) is among the elite few with expertise in securely destroying magnetic tapes that store your company's confidential materials. We recognize the need to protect your company's reputation, privacy, and brand integrity. Therefore, we ensure that all tape shredding is executed to the highest standards of security and compliance. Our risk-free, certified services include:

  • Mobile Tape Shredding: On-site shredding services to guarantee your data never leaves your premises until it is destroyed.
  • Destruction Process Documentation: Detailed documentation of the shredding process for your records.
  • Video Recording (if required): Visual proof of the destruction process for added assurance.
  • Asset Tag Reporting: Comprehensive tracking and reporting of company asset tags.
  • Serial Number Reporting: Serialized reporting for audit purposes.
  • Chain of Custody Documentation: Ensuring a secure and traceable process from start to finish.
  • Physical Destruction Report (PDR): Providing an official report documenting the physical destruction of your tapes.

Our goal is to provide you with the confidence and peace of mind that your tape shredding needs are managed with the highest level of security. We are equipped to shred any type of media technology, including flash drives and CDs.

Typical Tapes We Shred

  • VXA
  • SDLT
  • 8MM
  • DAT
  • DTF
  • DDS
  • DLT
  • LTO1
  • LTO2
  • LTO3
  • LTO4
  • LTO5

GTS is committed to providing secure and compliant tape shredding and e-waste disposal services, prioritizing the confidentiality of your data and the protection of your brand. Contact GreenTek Solutions today to ensure your data is managed with the highest level of security and professionalism. 713-590-9720