Electronic Recycling

E-Waste Recycling

GreenTek Solutions offers an environmentally safe and certified e-waste recycling service to help companies legally and responsibly recycle IT equipment.

When your IT or computer equipment reaches the end of its life with no resale value, GreenTek Solutions steps in. Our certified, cost-effective, and eco-friendly service follows EPA and R2v3 (Responsible Recycling) guidelines to recycle and dispose of outdated servers, laptops, cell phones, and other e-waste.

As a certified and fully insured company, GreenTek Solutions prevents pollution and protects companies from fines due to improper e-waste disposal, carrying extensive policies to protect client liability. We also maintain a bulletproof zero-landfill policy for electronic waste.

Why Proper E-Waste Disposal Matters

Improper e-waste disposal results in hefty penalties and poses significant environmental, health, and safety risks. IT assets in landfills release toxins like mercury and lead, contaminating soil, groundwater, and nearby communities, causing severe health issues. Proper disposal also protects your brand by ensuring data is securely destroyed and your company avoids negative publicity from improper disposal practices.

Certificates and Reporting

  • Certificate of Recycling: Provided for all e-waste processed, ensuring transparency and compliance.
  • Certificate of Data Destruction: Confirms the secure destruction of data on all devices.
  • On-Demand ESG & Environmental Impact Reporting: Highlights the environmental benefits of our recycling process with metrics that matter for your CSR and ESG reporting needs.

From servers and laptops to printers and audio/video equipment, our team can help you responsibly dispose of e-waste through an eco-friendly recycling program that prevents fines and pollution.

Dispose with Confidence. Revive with Purpose.