7 key points to choose an IT asset relocation provider

When getting rid of the IT assets of an organization, the main task is to mitigate the risk to the organization and get the job done quickly.

When an organization needs a professional service to manage physical IT assets, there is not much room for error. The IT administrator will have a huge responsibility and tight deadlines.

Due to the unplanned and chaotic nature of situations that require the disposition of IT assets, we often face changing circumstances in usually unorganized environments and we often have very tight deadlines.

The life of companies has ups and downs, which is faithfully reflected in the management of IT assets that it has. Fluctuations in business dynamics directly affect your technological heritage.

There are several situations that involve the relocation of IT assets (ITAD), which could be:

  • Bankruptcy of company
  • Closing a division or a data center
  • Asset consolidation
  • Merger between companies
  • Merging data centers
  • Reduction of IT assets (Downsizing)

Almost always when these situations occur, IT asset managers in companies do not have much time to plan a correct restructuring of the assets.

That is why most companies seek the services of suppliers with experience in IT solutions or asset remarketing and with this, facilitate the logistical challenge that this requires.

The 7 key points to choose a provider of relocation of IT assets in terms of management capacity and confidence, are:

Real value.

It is important to be able to choose a provider that can assure us a good financial value of the IT assets that will be recovered in the remarketing of the assets, but it should not be the only aspect to consider. We must also consider the costs of using resources, transport to distant facilities, risks of non-compliance with information or the environment.
The right partner will help you minimize all costs and risks while maximizing the profitability of IT management.


The IT asset management provider must be familiar with the type of assets our company has and be able to provide an on-site report of whether it is worthwhile or not to relocate or dispose of those assets.
In some situations, understanding the obligations of each party and responsibility for data security will determine the best relocation process. An expert in reverse logistics and disposition of assets will guide the client in the decision between the different possible scenarios.7

Audit of Capacities.

There are several companies capable of reselling equipment, however many fail when choosing the employees with the necessary skills to move the equipment before its deadline.
A good provider has certified processes to handle and destroy data. Recycling electronically also requires large and expensive equipment. A shredding equipment can cost significant amounts of money and requires extensive facilities so it is urgent to check the actual capabilities of the chosen supplier. We need to choose a solution provider that knows the type of equipment and can relocate it quickly, efficiently and with guaranteed data security.

Priority for data security.

Nowadays it is a priority in all companies to have important data protected.
Unfortunately, all too often, sensitive information is not secure, especially when relocating computers. It is necessary to corroborate that the recycling company is completely up to date with the requirements of the sector and that the deletion of data is possible on any device according to global standards and certificates. A data cleaning service that provides peace of mind, responsibility and guarantee of privacy is the best decision to ensure our personal and business data.

Environmental regulation.

The recycling company must manage the risk for the environmental exposure of the operation, both inside and outside the facilities. It is necessary to ask and identify where and how hazardous materials such as batteries, CRT crystals and mercury bulbs, among others, are removed and stored.


From the planning to the execution of each IT relocation project, it is necessary to verify that the supplier has certified processes and also uses recognized software according to industry standards. With this we verify their ability to act efficiently throughout the service supply chain.


It is necessary to verify in detail the destination routes as well as the means of transport. It is necessary to control if the equipment is being packed and handled to avoid damage and maintain the maximum resale value. Do not forget the security control throughout the relocation process to avoid theft and piracy by the different actors involved.

There are many companies dedicated to the recycling of WEEE that could not be recycled at all, simply reselling valuable equipment and / or exporting them to developing countries. This type of situation expose your company to certain risks of data security, environmental protection and liability of the brands involved.

If we have tight deadlines due to a merger or bankruptcy of a company, closing a data center, or another similar scenario, we can not make mistakes. Contacting a responsible provider with experience in the disposition of IT assets (ITAD) can make the difference between a gradual and organized process and a chaotic and messy process.

We hope these 7 key points will help you find the best provider to relocate your IT assets.

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