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When the coronavirus appeared, the entire world was first paralyzed. Ever since we have been living exposed to the virus for several months, we have been trying to adapt to the new reality. It is not about staying home all day and every day, many people are going back to their jobs because the business industry could not stop for so long. If the business industry falls even more, the economy would collapse.

Life will continue but it is important to take care of yourself. People must wear a face mask, use hand sanitizer, and wash their hands frequently and maintain distance between other people, etc. There is a safety app that can help an individual know when and where you might be exposed to the virus. In 2017, Andrew Frame launched “Citizen”, an app that merges 911-dispatch data and your smartphone’s GPS location to notify you about nearby fires, car crashes, robberies, and other dangers. Now, thanks to location capabilities, the Citizen app can warn millions of users about possible Covid-19 exposure.

“We're all at war. Right now, the only weapon we have is staying home,” says Frame, 40, in an interview over Zoom. “The question is, are there better ones we can use in this war?” Once again, technology helps by keeping humans informed of the spots to stay away from if not staying home. Frame has launched “SafeTrace”, a tool which will live within the Citizen app. The mobile contact tracer uses both Bluetooth and GPS location data to automatically collect the information about with whom and where an individual has been. If an individual has been in contact with another SafeTrace user which reports an infection, you will receive an alert which includes all the exposure details.

As the U.S. economy attempts to reopen, humanity must be safe, and it would be a good idea to use an app that helps you to stay safe. Nowadays, people cannot stay off their cellular device. This app can be found for Android devices, but Apple has yet to approve the new tool.

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