Cloud security solutions for companies

To make the most of the strategic potential of the cloud, you need to know that your data is safe wherever you are. By addressing the challenges of cloud security, such as control, accessibility and visibility of data, you can be sure that it is the only one that controls the keys and access to your data, especially on multiple user sites and distributed geographically.

Whether it is a public, private, hybrid cloud or a virtual data center, we must find more complete, flexible and modular data and identity protection solutions that guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of data in the cloud and all its processes.

Having optimal flexibility and making the most of the solutions provided by the selected cloud provider is one of the greatest points to consider, since we must entrust our sensitive data with the certainty that they are well protected.

A safe migration

When migrating all our sensitive information to the cloud, we must keep in mind who? And how? they will access privileged users. There must be protection against damage from data exposure or public cloud environments from multiple users.

Always remember to create individual and safe access for each user within your company, with this being able to control information efficiently.

Secure encryption

Ensure transparent, efficient data protection and secure sensitive data from databases, applications, file servers, virtual instances and machines, as well as storage in virtual, public cloud and hybrid environments, effectively secure and encrypted to avoid possible security breaches.

Secure data in motion.

It is paramount to protect the moving data within the cloud with high-speed encryption in real time, to provide extra security without compromising the data going through the cloud.

Credentials and passwords

Secure access to the cloud, through well-established credentials and passwords, will confirm existing authentication to extend users' identity to the cloud by generating unified access control policies for both the cloud and network applications.

We invite you to read our article: How to prevent identity theft with a secure password.

These are just some solutions that must have in mind when migrating to the cloud all the information of your company.

We hope they are useful and put them in place to ensure a good job with your cloud service provider.

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