Coronavirus Leads to Technology Innovation

The COVID-19 virus’ seems to be something with a long-lasting impact on business and economies around the world. In recent days, countries like the United States have been hit hard. Since the pandemic appeared, many companies and small businesses were permanently closing or sending their workers to continue work from home. Not only the business continues operating from home, schools, gyms, museums, and many other places have been closing their doors to prevent the virus spread.

Even with the crisis, technology has been making innovations that will be very useful to humanity. The tech industry always finds a way to make everything easier. Since the virus appeared, we have seen apps that help us to track the virus, several kinds of artificial intelligence devices in medical centers, video calls to continue with education, and home office and many other amazing tools that would not be possible without technology. As we already said, business and education have been changing their way to operate, now everything is online. This leads the tech sector to continue growing. We have the example of Zoom, a video-first communications platform that has been a very useful tool for both the education and business sectors. Also, cloud-based software has been very useful while businesses are going online. This amazing tool leads business continuity helping employees to stay connected even when they are not working in the same place. With the usage of cloud, the importance of security comes into play, because it involves much confidential information. Companies like Fortinet and ZScaler take an important place. They sell firewalls that can protect the cloud.

Also, digital health has been improving its number of users in the last months when the coronavirus appeared.

Technology has been taking an important part in our lives, and by this, it is important to adapt to an almost digitalized world. Many tools that could make our lives easier. You must have the appropriate equipment to satisfy your needs. We know that changing your devices would not be cheap. At GreenTek solutions we provide IT equipment the best prices. Or also you can sell to us your old devices and earn a profit, write us an email at or call us at 713-590-9720.

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