Data Destruction Certificate

For many companies, data security is very important and consists of having strong passwords or firewalls. But even more important is the other aspect of data security, what about the confidential information that old electronic equipment stores?, Although it is true even when the data is deleted, the information can still be recovered.

The best way to ensure that our data has been completely deleted is to physically destroy the hard drive, so that the stored information becomes virtually unreadable and unrecoverable.

When you hire a mobile crushing or off-site crushing company, it is important to know if they offer detailed data destruction certificates at each step of the crushing process.

Not all data destruction companies offer quality services, which is why we must carefully choose the company that will help us with this task, ensuring that the company offers a data destruction certificate.

The data destruction certificate is the guarantee that the contracted company has, with its customers to inform that all the items that have been accounted for are properly destroyed. This certificate must include a detailed list of each and every item that is destroyed.

The data destruction certificate helps prove that the assets that were safely destroyed. To make sure you are protected, be sure to look for a crushing supplier that offers a very detailed destruction certificate.

In this way the customer can have a test with which they can trust that the information and items destroyed have been done successfully.

When choosing a data destruction company we must ensure that it provides complete destruction certificates.

They must contain all the options that can be specified and in this way we will know that the old files have been completely destroyed.

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