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Not having secure data deletion puts your company's information and customers at risk.

A data wiping algorithm (or disk wiping), in computing, is used to erase the contents of storage devices, such as hard drives, flash drives, USB sticks, etc., in a secure way.

How to erase data effectively?

You may think that simple formatting of your hard drive may prevent data stored on it from being recovered, but that is not the case.

There are numerous methods to recover data from disks even though they may have been overwritten.

Although it is true that the techniques for obtaining such information are not available to any individual, we must ensure that valuable or private and / or confidential information of our company does not come to light.

To proceed with a secure erase of information, a logical erase must be performed consisting of several writing passes on each of the sectors where the information to be erased is stored, some with fixed data and others with random data.

The minimum that we must format a hard disk not too old is twice, but currently secure formatting is associated with seven steps. That is the standard used by the US Department of Defense as a safe method to erase magnetic content.

Depending on the information it contains and the level of security you are looking for, you can use more homemade techniques or the safest systems used in agencies such as the NSA.

The safest option will always be the physical destruction of the hard drives in which the original information is stored. The physical destruction of a disk that stores information that we don't want to be recovered is much easier with flash drives or SSDs.

All companies should have a protocol for the treatment of computer media, once they cease to be operational and not allow their valuable information to reach third parties with unpredictable consequences.

GREENTEK SOLUTIONS LLC, offers you this and more services, with certifiable and auditable processes.

GREENTEK SOLUTIONS LLC., Offers the service of Certifiable and Auditable Secure Data Erase, either in its facilities or in ours. Every client that contracts our services receives destruction certificates which can be requested at any time, to present them in an audit.

Feel free to be protected while we help you recover the greatest value of your IT assets, avoiding risks associated with the leakage of confidential data from both your customers and your company.

GTS facilitates the reuse or resale of your mobile devices by permanently erasing all sensitive data using the best software and issuing a certificate of secure destruction.

We have the most advanced tools to guarantee secure erasure and data deletion in all your IT assets.

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