Destruction and recycling of digital files

Destruction / recycling of computer equipment

Every company is constantly renewing some computer equipment, because it is obsolete or because it is in disuse, but it is rarely thought of an effective destruction of these.

The most important thing for the security of a company, during data destruction, is to have the indicated support to do it.

GreenTekSolutions LLC offers all the services for a correct destruction of digital files, as well as the remarketing of computer equipment, without having to worry: neither of the storage of the old computers, nor of the confidential data that may appear in hard disks or CDs

Green TekSolutios LLC has a secure platform to destroy the data of your company, we will make sure that the hard disks are thoroughly cleaned according to the articles DOD 5220.22M and NIST 800-88, through our completely regulated elimination software.

Protect your business from hacking and unauthorized Access

Having a first level security at the moment of the elimination of the computer equipment and the confidential data of your company is of the utmost importance.

Guaranteeing the safe disposal and guarantee of data confidentiality of hard disks and other digital files, as well as the destruction or remarketing of equipment, avoids the possible piracy of these.

The providers of these services must offer the certainty that they will not leave portals open to hacking or unauthorized access, within the teams that are about to be deposed, one way to achieve this is the chain of custody (CoC).

The chronological documentation that registers the sequence of custody, control, transfer, analysis and disposition of physical or electronic evidence, better known as, Chain of custody (CoC) is an important asset when making any type of destruction of information or equipment, In this way, you can control the access and foresee possible computer gaps to the confidential information of the companies.

Green Tek Solutions LLC offers all database reports and digital certificates at the time of any provision, either digital or physical.

That is why we must entrust our IT security to highly qualified companies that provide security and quality in their services.

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