Destruction of confidential information

Confidential information is that which, by its own right of the author or owner, must be maintained and managed in a secure manner, so that it can not be lost, modified or shared in an unauthorized manner or in error.

The destruction of confidential information, therefore, requires an equal process of methodical storage or production. The destruction of confidential information in a company is key when it is no longer needed or will be needed, but for this you must do a good destruction that prevents the access of another person or company to that data.

Secure erasure is the security measure by which the data originally stored in a device, whether hard disk, magnetic tape, USB, or any electronic or magnetic storage medium, is permanently deleted and destroyed.

There are also many files or confidential information that must be destroyed in a correct manner, such as contracts, client files, legal documents, reports and stationery, as well as video tapes, negatives, photographic rolls, credit cards, computer files. or any other element that contains information to which access should not enter other people.

The laws in this regard are very clear and establish a principle of quality, according to the purpose or purposes for which the personal data will be processed, these must be exact, complete, relevant, updated and correct, this principle states that when personal data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were obtained, should be deleted.

The destruction of confidential information is done according to the method by which the data has been stored.

In accordance with international standards on the subject, the characteristics of a correct destruction of information must be:

  • Guaranteed: that there is no process to retrieve the information.
  • Safe and reliable: Storage media should be treated during deletion with the same confidentiality as they were created.
  • Environment: the form of destruction of information must produce the minimum of pollution emitters and waste that affect the environment.
  • Evidence: the process should leave evidence that there is no doubt that in the device where the information was found, it was actually destroyed or erased effectively.

We conclude that the destruction of information must be confidential, secure, irreversible and in accordance with the environment.

It must be done when the documentation is no longer necessary and there is no obligation to store it for longer than indicated.

The possibilities that we can take into account for the destruction of this information can be:
Do it inside of your company or hire the services of GREEN TEK SOLUTIONS who offer advice and reliable methods for the destruction of all the information you need to eliminate and find effective results for each one of your needs.

The result will be carried out through processes, chemical or mechanical, which make the data unrecognizable and unrecoverable, taking into account the methods of destruction approved and always protecting the information until the last moment.

You can also choose to recycle devices in which the information is stored through the remarketing of IT assets, the magnetization for hard drives and backup tapes is a good option to eliminate information, another way is to rewrite the various sectors sometimes to avoid information retrieval, since a simple deletion and formatting does not guarantee that it can not be accessed.

In the same way you can proceed to the destruction or scratching of hard disks, cds and other assets, so that you can not access the data. However, if you want to reuse it is not the best way, because it will not work anymore.

The importance of carrying out this process is that it is safe and reliable and guarantees that the information will disappear completely and will not be recoverable, but it must be taken in mind before doing this, that the information that is going to be deleted will never be used again.

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