Destruction of media and data

The destruction of media and documents is something that is presented to us all. On more than one occasion we have decided to change a computer either by use, the end of its life, or simply by changing style. It may also happen that you decide to change your trade and no longer want (or should) to keep information from former customers and suppliers.

How can you get rid of the information contained therein?

Whenever you are going to delete any document or support that contains personal data, you must proceed to its destruction by adopting measures aimed at preventing access to the information contained in it or its subsequent recovery.

To delete any media that may contain personal information, such as CDs, tapes, removable disks, listings, removable memories of any kind, or even obsolete computers that contain disks and storage, must be removed or destroyed in accordance with a Procedure for Destruction of Computer Waste (PDCW).

At GreenTek Solutions LLC, we dedicate ourselves carefully to serve in certifying the correct elimination of data hosted on any device that contains them.

To ensure that the information will be permanently deleted, the safest procedures are as follows:

Pneumatic pressure: physical perforation of the disc using pressure.

Degaussing: or demagnetization supposes the erasure of information through the application of electromagnetic fields.

DiskWiping: physical data erase mechanism using appropriate software tools such as: PGP Wipe, Eraser, SDelete.

If you are choosing to give away or donate your old equipment, you must format the hard disk or use a special program that safely removes all data from the hard drive. GreenTek Solutions LLC, purchases your used equipment to remanufacture it and then resell or donate it to societies that are in need.

“This is a better solution than throwing your old equipment in the trash”

What if the computer is “broken”?

If the computer was damaged and the cleaning operation could not be performed, the hard drives are dismantled and taken to the shredder to properly remove all the information to make it unrecoverable. Remember that the pieces that are functional are used to assemble new equipment, not everything is garbage.

Floppy disks and removable media

All diskettes and other removable media that are to be disposed of must be formatted to be reusable.

Before destroying the complete supports or equipment, we must verify that the information included in them has complied with the legal term of conservation that is 3 years from the end of the processing of the Information. The reason for the conservation of the data is for any eventual claim by an affected party.

The most important thing is to act responsibly, not just think about avoiding the sanction. The relevant thing is to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the information entrusted to us.

At GreenTek Solutions LLC, we help you get the best value out of your old equipment. Contact us so we can offer you a solution to your asset disposal needs.

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