E-Waste Recycling Tips

Business and technology go hand-in-hand. When your devices become obsolete, you must recycle them in a green way to keep our environment clean and safe. We use the term “e-waste” to refer those obsolete, outdated, or broken equipment. This represents one of the biggest pollution issues that affect the world.

Tech waste may contain toxic materials, such as mercury or lead; also, it produces greenhouse gasses. In order to fight against pollution, we must work together as a community that understands the importance of recycling.

We want to give you some tips for e-waste recycling:


The most important thing to avoid e-waste is to stop buying more electronic items when our devices still work. The best example to relate this issue is the new iPhone release every year. Even if your phone still works as many people do, you will replace it for the new phone.


You can extend your IT equipment life, even if you decide to donate it or to sell it to a company such as GREENTEK SOLUTIONS LLC. You can contact us and get paid today; If sold to a refurbisher like GREENTEK SOLUTIONS LLC, you are contributing to green recycling and earning a profit to buy your new and desired device. It is a good idea to make electronics last as long as they used to.


Most of the time when we want to upgrade our equipment, is to make it more efficient; it is not necessary to buy a new machine, even if it is for our own use or for business, our best option is to use Dropbox, iCloud, Amazon’s cloud, and multiple devices. By doing this we are contributing to reduce e-waste and saving money.


Changes start with us; we should be careful with or electronic devices and make sure to dispose of them the right way because they have many toxic materials that pollute the earth and can affect our health.


Many devices use batteries, which contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals that pollute waste and land, affecting health; by this, it is very important to ensure batteries are separated and recycled on a different disposal separated by type.

It is true that electronic waste is one of the biggest problems that our society faces, by this firms must adapt their production plan to a “green plan” in order to minimize the production of e-waste. Recycling makes companies more attractive, but we all share the responsibility of minimizing e-waste pollution.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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