Facial Recognition is more than unlocking an iPhone

Years ago, facial recognition technology was something seen just in movies, but now, this technology is a reality. The facial biometrics technology’s function is to recognize people by their faces, by capturing, comparing and analyzing patterns depending on facial structure; this is a booming market which is estimated to grow quickly with the increasing demand for advanced security systems.

While analyzing this tool, it is also true that it’s being used to generate information to identify people, by this, many users try to avoid this new technology, but it is not that bad at all. We must be conscious that technology, in general, allows new possibilities. The facial recognition technology market has an increasing demand from medical healthcare and military defense.

Nowadays, people just associated facial recognition with unlocking an iPhone, for this, we enlisted many uses of facial recognition technology around the world:

  • Many airports have implemented this technology to improve security. Facial recognition machines are typically found on border control; they can view your information, in order to identify and register visitors. USA airport has implemented this technology to perform its security, by this they can control entrances on their country.

  • UK shopping centers, concerts, shows, and other public spaces also have adopted facial recognition technology machines for security. The police department accepted they are using this tool in order to try catching criminals.

  • China has developed the first facial recognition device that identify people even when they are wearing a mask. This improvement was made to be used for COVID-19 fight. It offers multiple services such as identifying your name, measuring your body temperature, and finally processing the result.

  • Facing coronavirus issue, Poland launched a phone app called “Home Quarantine”, which consists of “taking selfies” and upload them to the app as a proof they are safe in their home. This is for people under mandatory quarantines. This is an official tool that if you do not upload your selfie in 20 minutes, police might visit your home.

  • Also talking about coronavirus, Singapore has the “TaceTogether” app, which tracks your contact with people, in order to identify their profiles; it uses Bluetooth signals between cellphones enabling you to estimate the proximity between two people and the amount of time they have been in contact.

  • The carnival which takes place in Brazil has been using facial recognition to register visitors, but now they are improving their privacy system to a multibiometric system which consists of implementing drones and cameras in order to analyze facial data in real-time.

  • Banks like HSBC have added facial recognition as an option for logging. This option protects your account and it is also an easier choice than typing your password.

  • In the auto industry, new self-driving cars also use facial recognition to unlock the car when the owner approaches and to starting or stopping the car.

  • Virginia’s government allowed citizens to use “ Voatz” app, to vote on its last election, this app consists of taking a selfie video including their ID, then it is verified by the government and finally, if it is approved, they can vote.

Facial recognition has indeed changed the security systems all around the world for the better.

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