Have you tried resetting your computer?

The most annoying thing to handle is when your computer is running slow, freezing up, hardware error, or it is just acting “weird”. When facing those stressful situations, your best option is trying to restart your computer, but do not worry, your information will still be there.

While resetting your laptop you can get it back to the state it was when you first used it and avoid bugs and almost all your daily technological frustrations.

This method is easier and cheaper than buying a new computer or bring it to an expert to fix it; we provide you the necessary information in order to reset your computer:


1.Open the Home windows Settings panel by way of the cog icon on the Begin menu > choose Replace & Safety and Restoration.

2.Click on Get began underneath Reset this PC to start the reset course of.

3.Decide Maintain my information to reset Home windows core settings and information without interfering together with your private stuff > choose Take away all the pieces > click on Change settings to decide on whether or not the Knowledge erasure characteristic is enabled, this option basically overwrites information on disk.

4.Click on Reset to verify and the method will get underway, it would possibly take some time > when “Home” reappears chose Take away all the pieces choice, you will must log in once more from scratch utilizing your Microsoft account credentials, and put all of your applications and information again in place.


1.First you must back up all your stuff, you need to restart your Mac, first go to Apple menu > Restart and hold down Cmd+R.

2.You can pick Reinstall macOS if you just want to reset the key parts of the operating system without touching any of your personal files, this installs the latest macOS version you were currently running, and you'll need to select the drive where the OS is located. On most Macs it'll be the only drive listed. Once you’ve made extra certain that anything you care about is safely backed up, you can blitz everything by choosing Disk Utility > when the Disk Utility appears, delete any drive volumes with "Data" labels by clicking “erase”, then follow the prompts > choose a name to give the disk once it's been reset > once you've confirmed your choices, the utility goes about the business of wiping the drive.

3.After that's done, you can go back to the Reinstall macOS option we mentioned above > choose the Destination drive you had chosen.


1.You first need to log out to the main user account screen > hit Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R. (this brings up the reset screen) > click Restart and when the computer restarts > choose Powerwash and Continue.

2.The laptop is reset back to its factory settings, and you'll need to register your Google account with the device again.

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