How to become a responsible IT buyer, and what can I do to contribute?

People around the world are becoming more sensitive about environmental problems and more conscious about the solutions of it. As we know for a problem comes a solution, the first step in order to be a responsible part of the change is based in Environmental Education that says that the person has to:

  • Be conscious of the situation,
  • Be sensitive by feeling as part of the problem and solution.
  • To become active by creating good habits.

(These tree steps create the path to a real change).
In this article you might find some information that can help you to contribute responsibly

What being responsible stands for…

Responsible buyer:

- When we go to any store and we buy a product we are paying for the 75% of the whole product, why? Because the 25% left represents the packaging/boxing and therefore you become owner of the 100% of the product. Most of the time the packaging it’s garbage to us and we throw it in the first trashcan that we find, therefore is responsibility of the garbage collector. Our responsibility is to make it available to recycling and to avoid that our waste reaches the dumping ground.

- When customers are willing to dispose their IT equipment (phones, laptops, computers…) they sometimes do not know where the devices are going to end up, is the owners responsibility to look for specialized companies that can offer high standards of environmental commitment, sometimes this companies have bins to collect IT equipment and you can feel released of this responsibility.

Responsible seller:

- Environmental committed companies have to think in the whole life product and should be aware that the waste will end up in recycling companies or in an environmental-safe place, some companies even gives their customers some discounts or benefits when they bring back an old-workless product of their brand. Green-tech companies:

- There exist some companies that are dedicated to collect and even buy all kind of IT Equipment to refurbish the devices, re-use, take them apart, and recycle the pieces, this is one of the best contributions to the environment due the reduction of e-waste up to 97% per device.

The “Three R’s of environment” can easily solve many of e-waste problems.

Reduce: Sometimes it’s not necessary to buy the latest device in the market while yours is still working and in a good shape, but if you do then you should buy it and give/sell yours to be re-used by someone.
Re-use: “The old of one can be the new for another”, whether you buy or sell a used device you are contributing to the environmental safe and the local economy, and afterwards when the device is worthless you can recycle it.
Recycle: When your device is broken and workless do not throw it away, remember that if the device gets to the dumping ground all the elements that your device contains will pollute the soil and water. You can still make money with this device, there are companies that can buy the device from you, and they will take apart, melt, dispose and resell up to 97% that is for useful application. This completes the cycle to start over again.
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