In this post we will learn a little about the relationship between technology and the environment.

Let's start with the essential ... What is technology?
Technology is the set of elements and advances that allow us to create and build new elements and machines to adapt in a medium and satisfy our needs.

The more technological advances we have, the more man becomes dependent on them, in such a way that they become part of daily life and are basic to carry it out.

That is why it's important to know the influence that technology exerts on the environment, because the main purpose of technology is the transformation of the human environment.

The natural and social media must be adapted to the needs and desires that humanity has in mind, in this way, technology works for us. The configuration of the world we live in, is based on the technology we use today.

For example, in the 90's, acquiring a mobile phone was not for everyone because of its price in the first instance, currently having a mobile phone is a basic communication need and its prices are most accessibles and sometimes are unreachable. However, it is the first medium of communication today, rather than having a landline or a desktop computer.

It is important to recognize that not only technological advances bring positive things, but also bring negative consequences:

Among the positive ones is that technology must commit to follow processes that do not harm the environment and thus avoid the deterioration of natural and environmental resources.

On the negative side, the fact of deteriorating resources is imminent, the deterioration of the environment and the resources that these give us to advance in the creation of new cities and roads is necessary deforestation to have large land and continue to move forward to perform the creation of new industries.

The advance of new technologies and the insatiable need to generate new sources of energy make it necessary to create factories that pollute air and water, the increase in population that is destroying green areas to generate large cities.

To avoid this type of problem, we must be aware that the environment belongs to everyone and for everyone, therefore the care depends on ourselves to assure our future generations a less hostile environment for their growth and development.
To understand the aforementioned, reference is made to the meaning of information technology and the environment.


The word informatic has been defined as the activity performed by computers where they store and process information, hence the word INFORMATIC comes from the merger of the word information + automatic.


According to the ONU, the ENVIRONMENT is defined as everything that surrounds us, from where we obtain food, fuel, energy, sustainability, among other things.

It is very important today, generate new forms, methods and elements that meet human needs in a more practical and fast way to be able to supply the basic needs of the human being, but without damaging the environmental environment.

We must create a human conscience that as technology advances, methods and tools must be generated that help to conserve, care and preserve the environment, since this is what gives us the raw material and the necessary elements to go beyond what we need, to be able to continue creating new things.

The improvement of the technical, technological, informatic and scientific elements, are currently very necessary to be able to go hand in hand with the sophistication of new tools that generate in society better ways of doing and doing things.

Computer equipment, mobile phones and other assets of storing information are highly polluting, which is why we must learn and teach to recycle or reuse them in the most responsible way.

We invite you to take care of the environment within your community, using the special deposits for each waste, with this we'll help the environment to have more chances to continue growing.

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