We present you in a simple infographic, a model of IT systems, composed of hardware, software, communication systems, data systems and human factor.


It refers to all the electronic devices that are used in the system to send, receive, store and communicate the information.


It refers to the programs and applications that allow the use of the devices for the management and exchange of information.

Communication systems

It refers to the technological platforms that allow the communication of users, services, devices and applications for the exchange of information.

Data Systems

They are systems that allow the search and extraction of information. The most used system is that of databases and these allow obtaining specific elements of the information from a huge collection of data.

A database is a collection of related data and has the following properties:

  • Represents some aspect of the real world
  • The data collection is logically consistent with an inherent meaning
  • Its design and construction have a specific purpose
  • Can be used from multiple applications
  • Can be used by different user groups
  • It is subject to a set of restrictions.

Human factor

It refers to both the users who use the system, and the staff responsible for managing it.

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