Remarketing of IT assets

The remarketing of IT assets helps companies obtain an economic value in the life cycle of their assets.

Once the IT assets of your company reach the end of their useful life, they become waste and sometimes illegal waste by throwing them in the dumpster. But there are some pieces or materials that can be reusable.

The secure disposal of IT assets is very important for companies, since it implies the correct elimination of confidential information.

The correct process of asset remarketing should be:

  • Audit and inspect assets with possible remarketing value
  • Secure data deletion
  • Repair of assets
  • Selection of tradable and reusable assets
  • Recycling safely, according to the specific rules of the parts or materials that can not be sold
  • Disposal of waste under specific regulations and according to environmental regulations.

Data security must be a priority from start to finish and ensuring that confidential information does not end up in the wrong hands is the result of the effort and supervision of experienced professionals.

The remarketing of IT assets allows you to recover more value and return it to your company through sales revenues, reducing and controlling the risk where you are.

Some advantages of IT remarketing

  • Economic recovery.
  • Compliance with environmental goals.
  • Security.
  • Business continuity.

Through an effective and comprehensive program of remarketing of Assets IT, designed to obtain the value of discarded devices and components that are no longer useful, GRENTEK SOLUTIONS offers you experience and specialized attention in transportation and logistics and disposal secure information.

In GRENTEK SOLUTIONS we have remarketing programs of IT assets for each of the business needs where it is possible to obtain a series of important benefits, which includes reducing the total cost of IT assets through their residual value.

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