Underlying trends that will move the digital advance

Beyond the specific or interrelated technologies that will evolve and be more or less disruptive in the coming years, there are certain general trends that lie behind most changes at the technological level, both for companies and for governments and consumers.

It is these three concepts that are changing the way of understanding consumption, business and the power of data in the digital age.

1 - The shift towards a “everything as a service (XaaS)” model

Technology providers, whether software, infrastructure or cloud services, will change their model to offer their solutions as a service.

Experts say that most providers are heading in the same way, transforming the IT business model, both local and hosted in third-party facilities and in the cloud.

Along with this, a whole battery of big data, analytics or blockchain services delivered as a service will be complemented, making it easier for companies to adopt new technologies with a more content cost than if they did everything themselves.

Digital privacy

With the arrival of new and more restrictive personal data protection laws, and with the empowerment of citizens in digital matters, organizations are going to make great changes at almost all levels of their businesses, increasingly moved by data.

On the one hand, they are already investing in the technologies necessary to maintain the security and privacy of the data of their customers, partners and employees, but on the other hand they are reconfiguring the business models to improve transparency, generating trust in customers.

Although big techs like Amazon or Google are in possession of huge amounts of people's data and trade with them, governments are pressing hard for them to abandon the classic ways of collecting and using information, through much more laws. Restrictive

This means changing policies to guarantee the privacy and security of confidential data at the technological level.

Experts believe that from 2020, brands such as HP, Dell or Cisco, among others, will create a structure truly focused on data security and privacy, printing new conditions in the infrastructure and technology services market.

User / customer experience:

The success that pioneers are reaping in investing "really" in improving their UX / CX to make the customer the center of business strategies has expanded in recent years.

With the establishment of digital, data-based business models, many organizations have not realized that user experience is a decisive factor in boosting business, innovation and livelihoods, especially in highly competitive markets.

Starting in 2019, organizations are expected to adopt a more customer-centric approach, looking for innovative ways to improve their experience to capture and retain their interest, and generate a stronger relationship with the brand.

This trend will directly impact certain emerging technologies in various fields such as 5G and WiFi 6 wireless communications and the improvement of the computing capabilities necessary to apply artificial intelligence, real-time analytics, machine learning and the cloud.

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