Upgrading to ISO45001

At GREENTEK SOLUTIONS, LLC, our main goal is to provide our clients the best service as possible while helping to conserve a green environment and having control of our workplace to avoid risks.

For us, is very important to always improve employee safety by reducing workplace risk and creating better and safer working conditions. According it, GREENTEK SOLUTIONS, LLC has upgrade from OHSAS18001certification to a new ISO45001certification which ensure health and safety.


ISO 45001: 2018, is the world's first occupational health and safety (OH&S) international standard, it was approved on February 2018, it is an international certificate which has as objective to improve security, health and wellbeing of employees.

It was design in order to complete legal regulations, avoid commercial risk, give a trust aspect to clients and protect the business in general; this certification could be applied to any company regardless of its size, type and nature.


ISO 45001 management system enables company to improve and performance its OH&S by:

  • Enhancing OH&S policy and objectives to be developed and implementing.
  • Evaluating health and safety performance in order to improve them.
  • Establishing detailed processes considering risk, legal requirements and opportunities.
  • Improving OH&S between the employees.

While upgrading to this certification we obtained many direct benefits, such as:

  • Making your workplace happier and safer.
  • Increase individual safety in order to reduce incidents at the workplace.
  • Reducing costs of incidents and insurance.
  • Making an efficient process.
  • Improving managerial oversight.
  • Integrate many aspects of health and safety, such as worker wellness/wellbeing.
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