What is Edge Computing?

Edge Computing, allows to process the data produced by IoT devices in the location where they are generated.

With the arrival of the cloud the devices did not need to have high storage capacities to work. New devices have emerged every day (it is expected that more than 50 billion will be connected on the Internet by 2025), which will act as facilitators in the collection of data and information that transfer it to other machines or devices.

That this amount of data can be stored in the cloud for later analysis, translates into a benefit for both companies and users who have more and more customization at the highest level.

Although many companies today need a faster and more effective power to perform their processes without having to rely on an internet connectivity sometimes the cloud cannot give the response times or the speed that some procedures need.

That is why Edge Computing is used, which is the computer structure that exists near data sources, bringing computational capabilities to sensors and information gathering devices.

Thanks to this, the information is collected in real time and the response time is immediate eliminating the wait while the data is sent to and from a server in the cloud.

Edge computing or cloud computing?

The choice of a perimeter or cloud platform for the resolution of industrial operations will depend on applying the logic to the desired needs and results.

The circumstances in which Edge Computing is most advantageous:

  • When the speed of data processing is paramount highlighting the low latency
  • Environments with bandwidth restrictions from where sending all data from machines to the cloud can be complicated
  • When Internet connections are irregular
  • If immediate access to evaluation of the status of devices and sensors is required

>On the other hand, the cloud will dominate the environment when:

  • Significant computing power is required
  • Large volumes of data and storage
  • Asset Status Monitoring
  • Machine Learning (AI)
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