What you should know about the computer security of your company to not lose control

In the first half of 2018 a record was broken with almost 6,000 million malware attacks.

Since its inception, criminal practices have overcome barriers. From massive spam, to theft of credentials, computer infections, denial of service attacks or hijacking of PCs.

Not only is the increase in threats worrisome, but a more diverse panorama is added, with attackers who have discovered a gold mine with the extortion of their victims.

At the beginning the cybercriminals focused on harming large corporations, with high rewards, but things have changed.

Now they have discovered that, little money to many users, it is more lucrative and it is easier to get it. With the addition that large companies have high security measures and that small and medium-sized companies usually have fissures from which they can sneak.

With elementary barriers of business security, a couple of lines of code in a malicious email, you already have free entry to block access to servers, data or render unusable processing devices.

In 2017, the damages generated by 'ransomware' around the world went from the 1,000 million dollars registered in 2016 to 5,000 million dollars. A considerable increase of five times more in a period of one year.

What is expected for 2019, according to a report by CyberSecurity Ventures, are damages for 'ransomware' valued at 11,500 million dollars.

To these figures we can add other very serious damages and that each company values ​​by itself as systems under the control of the attacker, private data of clients brought to the public light, productivity falls, business inactivity, substitution in some cases of certain ICT infrastructures, damage to reputation and image, etc.

Currently 1 out of every 131 emails contains malicious programs, so far this year the proportion has increased to 1 out of every 50 emails received.

Internal, external and perimeter information security

The cybersecurity of a company is divided into three parts:

Internal security, which establishes security measures at the local level within the same network to protect the systems against a local attacker and even against the actions, voluntary or involuntary, of the users.

External security, which integrates defensive elements to all the computer systems of the company to protect them from external threats, mostly coming from the Internet.

Perimeter security, which is defined as the elements and electronic devices for the physical protection of systems which prevents access to physical systems of the company.

What does IT security bring to my company?

Now that we know that computer security is important, what are the threats and how to combat them, devices and protection techniques ... we need to understand the real use of it in business environments.

The IT security exists to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and systems. The privacy of information and the continuity of service are two key points in any modern company.

Therefore, investing in IT security is necessary in modern companies that seek maximum quality of service, privacy and integrity.

All the aforementioned types of security are equally important, as well as keeping the company's workers informed at all times about protection measures and any precautionary measures that must be taken in all areas of computing, from WhatsApp to the email.

We must now think, if your company has an effective computer security plan, if the employees in charge of it have the sufficient qualification and if the measures adopted at the moment can be improved.

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