Zero-Day attacks and how to protect your devices

Attacks called "Zero-Day" are one of the most feared and dangerous security incidents, in addition, about 80% of large-scale attacks that occur are due to a Zero-Day on hardware or software devices. These types of attacks affect both home users and corporate environments.

What are Zero-Day attacks?

When vulnerabilities are new or unknown because of the different solutions that detect them, they are called Zero-Day attacks.

These attacks have the particularity of taking advantage of such vulnerabilities not yet identified, as well as malware variants to exploit a particular security flaw. The world of cybercrime is characterized by quickly discovering and exploiting any vulnerability or problem that may exist within a system or a machine.

It is crucial that the IT department professionals involved in these types of systems do everything possible to keep the databases up to date and the functionalities prepared in the companies.

These systems, which can be detection or prevention, should always be prepared for known attacks, and if possible, anticipate what may come. Consequently, we users will have more tools to be properly protected with effective antivirus and antimalware solutions.

For a criminal, discovering a zero-day vulnerability and attacking based on it has its advantages. The response and recovery time after the attack has been detected can be very high, and it takes days until the manufacturer or the community launches a patch that solves the problem, since it is necessary to know what the attack is about, why gave, what is the root cause and what to do to solve it.

In addition to the time it takes for all affected users to install security patches from launch to verification, we realize that it is not instantaneous.

A worrying factor is that these types of attacks do not stop increasing in frequency, and they may double during the year 2020. The damages that are caused by such attacks can easily reach millions of dollars in losses.

The complexity of Zero-Day attacks is very high. That is the importance of which, in addition to people working in technology, all people in general must be vigilant and take proactive measures.

The most important measure in these cases is to protect our devices, not only with an antivirus or anti-malware, but also with the latest security updates that manufacturers offer, both in the operating system and in the programs and apps we use every day. .

Many people have been victims of attacks for the simple reason of not keeping their programs up to date.

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