Hub Digital, Cisco's new Podcast
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Hub Digital, Cisco's new Podcast

Hub Digital, Cisco's new Podcast

During the last months, podcasts have become very popular among users. This could be because we are all staying quarantined at home, so at this point we are tired of listening to music or watching movies or videos. It is time to try something different, and thanks to technology we can explore through many podcasts that are easy to enjoy.

A lot of users own a Spotify or Apple Music account. Both apps offer several podcasts for no additional charges. For instance, if you do not own an account you can look for podcasts on YouTube and able to listen for free. Podcasts are becoming more popular every day.

Now the famous tech company Cisco has recently unveiled its latest creation, the launch of its own podcast with all its several topics involving technology: innovation, tech, and digital transformation. This is a great idea because now we have the opportunity of listening and learning directly from the experts. Cisco has launched this podcast for the same reason, sharing content through “Hub Digital” which will be the name for the podcast. The podcast space involves experts in tech and business that will be discussing different topics. Cisco’s main objective is to explore the impact of technology among small and medium-size businesses of Latin America, where the tendencies of listening to podcasts have been growing.

As Cisco’s team has said, technology must be available for every business no matter its size or the revenues that it could have. It is important for everyone to know the different existent tools in order to include the ones that adapt better to each company. It will be interesting to listen to Hub Digital podcast, follow the trend, and stay close to the news.

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