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Stop Using My Name as a Password

Stop Using My Name as a Password

Our four-legged friends mean a vital and loving part of our family because those buddies are full of cuteness and love but using their names as online passwords represent an exponential risk for our privacy. Not only our pets, but people also use their children names as a password because those words are easy to remember.

According to recent studies:

  1. 15% of the population use their pet's name as a password.
  2. 14% of the community uses a family member's name as a password.
  3. 13% of people use birthdates or memorable dates as a password.
  4. 6% of them still use the word "password" as a password.

All those names and dates are on our social media profiles, and the risk increases if your profile information is visible to everyone. We love our furry friends and family as much as you do, but please remember that those vulnerable passwords will make you an easy target for hackers.

Although the human mind can store a lot of information, memorizing passwords can be a tricky business. Fortunately, password managers just came to make our lives pretty much easier because they collect and store logging information while keeping it private.

AutoSaved passwords storage is an excellent way to keep your data safe, but be careful with your bank information because your son can take your credit card information. Stop using weak passwords and start storing your logging information into a secure password manager!

Melannie Cruz

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