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ITAD Environmental Impact Calculator

GHG Emissions Reduced:

0 .00 lbs.

This is equivalent to:

Powering 0.00 US household(s) in a year

Removing 0.00 passenger car(s) from the road per year

Reduce solid waste generated by 0.00 US household(s) in a year

Air emissions = 0.00 metric ton(s) of air emissions

Water emissions = 0.00 metric ton(s) of water emissions

By extending device lifespans and recycling 0.00 lbs. of e-waste, GTS prevents additional carbon-intensive mining and extraction of these metals:

0.00 lbs

0.00 lbs

0.00 lbs

0.00 lbs

0.00 lbs

0.00 lbs

At GreenTek Solutions, LLC, we recognize that as the global community becomes more conscious of our environmental footprint, clear and transparent reporting is paramount. Accurate environmental impact reporting not only showcases a company's commitment to sustainability but also holds businesses accountable to their goals and the planet. With our ITAD Environmental Impact Calculator, we empower you with precise data, assisting you in quantifying your positive contribution to the environment. This invaluable data not only highlights the GHG emissions reduced but also provides a comprehensive overview essential for ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting. In an era where corporate responsibility is not just appreciated but expected, taking these measurable steps and reporting them can position your organization at the forefront of sustainable innovation.

GTS' ESG Environmental Impact Report has been devised by leveraging our unique ITADERP technology, in conjunction with the US EPA constructed Electronics Environmental Benefits Calculator (EEBC). GTS' system monitors every device treated by GTS at the individual client level, detailing what device was dispatched for reuse and what was processed for material recovery. The EEBC calculator utilizes a life cycle analysis to estimate the influence on greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage for recycling or reusing a range of product types and commodities as compared to the manufacturing of new products. Emission and energy saving equivalences are interpreted with the aid of EPA’s calculator. GTS is capable of mapping received products to this system and ascertaining the benefits of recycling or reusing these items.