Data destruction services

Are you looking to for data destruction services?

Every time you are getting rid of your excess technology there is a chance you are also exposing yourself to a data breach. Let us help you eliminate the risk using one of the data destruction services GreenTek Solutions has to offer.

If yes, you are at the right place. Here at GreenTek Solutions we specialize in providing data destruction services at a very affordable price and sometimes even for FREE. We offer different data destruction methods, onsite and offsite. Please reach out to us for more information.

What services does GreenTek Solutions provide?

  1. Certified Data Destruction via DoD Erasure
  2. Hard Drive Shredding – Onsite and Offsite

Why choose GreenTek Solutions for selling IT Equipment?

GreenTek Solutions doesn’t only pay fair market value for your excess IT equipment but understands the risk associated in selling or recycling your used hardware if dealing with the wrong company. When working with us we make sure that the important data contained within your devices will be successfully destroyed and unrecoverable. Also, any piece of equipment that doesn’t work will be properly recycled following the highest standards in the industry like R2 and ISO 14001 environmental certifications. To guarantee your full protection we also carry a data breach, environment pollution, and errors & omissions insurance policy.