Take control of your technology’s impact on ESG goals.

Reduce your environmental footprint, make a positive social impact, and reduce Scope 3 emissions with GreenTek’s ITAD services.

Your IT assets affect your ESG goals. We can help.

If you’re dedicated to achieving ESG goals in your organization, don’t forget about your technology’s impact.

Especially when your IT assets are no longer useful to you, there's a significant opportunity to lower your GHG output, gain data transparency, reduce risk and liability, and even get a handle on Scope 3 emissions.

And, importantly, direct e-waste to reuse, proper disposal, and nonfunctional materials to recycling!

That’s why GreenTek partners with companies committed to achieving ESG goals, leveraging ITAD services that capture the opportunities your IT assets offer, supporting the circular economy while doing right for the earth, community, and companies.

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Our Impact:


Responsibly Handled lbs. of E-Waste.


This is equivalent to removing passenger cars from the road per year.


Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions by lbs.


This is also equivalent to Household(s) annual electricity consumption.

Why our clients choose GreenTek Solutions for IT Asset Disposition

Environmental: By properly disposing of IT assets, GreenTek refurbishes devices for reuse, diverts nonfunctional or obsolete equipment from landfill to material recovery/recycling, prevents e-waste pollution, securely sanitizes/erases remnant data from data capturing devices, and extends the lifespan of devices. Together, that means less mining, fewer emissions, and a healthier planet.

Social: Whether you need to responsibly destroy data for your customers and employees, prevent e-waste pollution from impacting communities, or bridge the digital divide with a circular economy and IT reuse, GreenTek’s ITAD services can help you do the right thing.

Governance: Transparency, data, and risk management are key focuses, especially for ESG. With detailed data reporting, R2v3 and ISO certifications, audited facility, security, and quality processes, as well as extensive insurance coverage, GreenTek checks the governance boxes.

GreenTek is Committed to ESG

For ourselves and for our clients
  • Safe e-waste handling and disposal
  • Certified Responsible Recycling (R2v3) and Environmental Health and Safety (ISO 14001) Systems
  • Diverts nonfunctional or obsolete equipment from landfill or incineration to material recovery for new products.
  • Extends device lifespans with refurbishment, testing and repair.
  • Contributes to the circular economy with used device sales and donations.
  • Prevents e-waste pollution.
  • Reduces GHG emissions.
  • Decreases energy and natural resource consumption.
  • Powered by 100% Renewable wind energy
  • MBE(Minority Business Enterprise) Certified
  • Securely manages data and data destruction.
  • Prevents human health issues from improper e - waste disposal and unsafe working conditions.
  • Donates technology to local schools
  • GTS team volunteer days
  • HUB Certified
  • Member of Apple’s New Impact Accelerator for Black - and Brown- owned businesses
  • Democratizes opportunity with upskilling, cross - training, advocacy, and recognition.
  • Promotes accountability via open dialogue, curiosity, approachable managers, and anonymous reporting.
  • Embraces Diversity, Equity & Inclusion(DEI)
  • Protects our planet while providing ROI for customers.
  • Helps people and businesses achieve their goals by always doing the right thing
Corporate Governance
  • Reduces risk / liability significantly.
  • Detailed reporting and chain of custody transparency
  • Serialized audits
  • Data erasure
  • Environmental Impact Reporting(EIR)
  • Data Breach Insurance
  • Pollution Insurance
  • Errors & Omissions Policy
  • Workers’ Insurance & Training
  • Commercial General Liability
  • ISO 14001, 9001, 45001
  • HIPPA Compliant
  • R2v3 Certified
  • Secure facility with access control, CCTV, and secure processing areas
  • Secure network and technology safeguards, like impenetrable cybersecurity systems and two- factor authentication
  • Ethical, transparent business practices
  • Strong economic performance
  • Integrated Management System(IMS) addressing all ESG objectives and targets

"GreenTek was vital in helping us achieve our ESG goals. Not only did they help us lower our emissions and make it easy to recycle our technology, they gave us the data, processes and confidence we needed."

-Javier BeutellMemorial Hermann Health System

Reduce GHG Emissions & Prevent E-Waste Pollution

Positively Impact Consumers, Communities & Employees

Gain Scope 3 Transparency & Actionable Data

Don’t Underestimate Your Tech’s Impact on ESG

When working to achieve their ESG goals, most organizations will look at their manufacturing, supply chains, processes and other sources for both challenges and opportunities.

However, in an age of reliance on digital devices, data centers, laptops, mobile phones, and more, putting IT under the lens of ESG only makes sense, especially when asking the question: what happens to our devices after they’re no longer useful to us?

Today, digital devices make up 4% of greenhouse gas emissions—and it’s growing. Meanwhile, data breaches, penalties for pollution, and risk factors increase year over year, all relevant to your ESG goals.

Savvy organizations need to consider the outsized impact of IT on ESG: the potential for lowering GHG with reuse and recycling, the social impact of bridging the digital divide by refurbishing devices for reuse, employee engagement and community involvement, as well as the governance upsides of risk management, data protection, and data availability.

While partnering with ESG-driven organizations, GreenTek has helped deliver results clients were proud to advertise to their communities, team members, and customers. Get in touch and learn how we can help your organization, too!