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AI Pricing System

AI Pricing System

Globally, around 690 million people go to bed on an empty stomach every other night, and the worst part remains on those 25,000 humans dying from hunger every day. Neither animals, humans, nor plants could live without water, and we are so lucky to be alive in the middle of this coronavirus pandemic since we still have food on our table and a house to rest.

It is unfortunate to see many people experiencing poverty and hunger due to economic, food, or climate issues while multiple supermarkets, restaurants, schools, or homes waste tons of food. Wasted food also involves the waste of natural resources, water, time, and the release of methane emissions.

Methane emissions result from the decay of non-fossil sources such as agricultural practices, food waste, production of natural gas, and green waste. The release of methane can be even more toxic than carbon dioxide, and unfortunately, it also contributes to the climate change effect.

Tech is doing it again! After five long years of research, work, and testing, Wasteless is about to launch its new software that will finally stop all the environmental and economic problems caused by food waste. This startup is an AI-powered system that employs a machine learning system to reduce the price of perishable food on store shelves. Sometimes, employees forget to modify those prices, but this system will now automatically reflect the discount in the price tags. Wasteless expects to reduce food waste by at least 40% over the upcoming months when supermarkets or grocery stores start using this system.

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