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Pet Tech Revolution

Pet Tech Revolution

It makes no difference if you own a dog, cat, or even a little hamster because all our pets are a symbol of friendship, cuteness, and love. Our furry four-legged friends make our life whole, but we all feel guilty when leaving them behind at home to go work or study. Over the last year, those lovely pets traveled everywhere with their owners because we were all working and studying remotely, but those covid dog days are unfortunately ending. As people get the COVID-19 vaccine, we are heading back to the routine, but there's always the worry of leaving our little ones alone at home.

According to a recent study, 86 million American families own a pet, and 56% of those families have specific tech devices just for their furry little friends. Pets are a big business, but tech tools can help both pets and their owners to adapt to their routines once again:

  • Uber Pet.- Uber service has become too popular among users from multiple countries, and now this service lets customers carry on their pets along on the journey for a small fee.
  • Tracking your pets. - Just like the Apple AirTag, this technology offers smarts collars to track your pet's location
  • Video calling. - It does not matter if you are at the office, school, or even in another country, this technology allows you to video call your pet via a compatible remote app on a desktop computer or mobile device.

At GreenTek Solutions, we understand how difficult it could be to go back to your old routine and leave your pets alone at home, but at least we can support you with the best computers and laptops to keep in touch with your furry friends.

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