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Environmental, Health & Safety Management System

Environmental, Health & Safety Management System

Not only the human lifestyle but the entire world has been changing over the years. Each day means a new opportunity because even when it seems like we have seen it all, there is always something new waiting to be discovered. In 1985 nobody would ever consider the possibility of humans living on Mars, and it took only 36 years to show us that tech has no limits. In the end, tech is not that bad for humans, but we are all under the job of balancing technology and environmental protection.

ITAD services are a great solution to your company or personal needs. You can find several of those companies, but it is up to you to find the one tailored to your needs. While choosing your ITAD partner, start by reviewing for their privacy and environmental protection certification, so you will not experience any legal issues in the future.

There are many available certifications for the ITAD industry, but today we will be focusing on the environmental, health & safety management system (EHS for short). Years ago, GreenTek Solutions obtained the EHS management system certification under the idea of preventing illnesses, reducing waste, and keeping people and the planet safe.

How does it work? It comprises specific regulations, procedures, laws, and manuals orientated to security and protection. The idea is to keep employees, customers, and our planet free of unsafe conditions that can compromise safety. This tool promotes sustainable business practices focused on environmental impact, health, and safety management.

  • Environment: minimize waste, prevents air pollution, don't launch chemicals or toxic gases to keep our planet clean and safe.
  • Health: reduce pollution, viruses, or pollution that can damage human health.
  • Safety: limit workplace accidents.

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