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You can trust GreenTek Solutions LLC with your e-waste disposal.

Electronic equipment that is no longer functional or sellable requires safe disposal by a company that aligns its protocol and safety procedures with environmentally healthy guidelines. GreenTek’s safe and environmentally healthy disposal procedure is fully documented and available for review. We understand you trust your e-waste to us and simply want to make sure we honor our word to you. GreenTek fully obeys the EPA e-waste computer disposal formula to ensure your company’s reputation remains in tact. Here’s a list of our computer disposal steps for your piece of mind:

  • Recycling e-waste
  • Asset tracking
  • Asset tag removal
  • Chain of custody documentation
  • Equipment breakdown and demolition
  • Professional asset evaluation and rebranding

We’re dedicated to safe, regulated computer disposal and e-waste disposal. Contact GreenTek Solutions LLC today to partner with us! 713-590-9720.

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