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GreenTek Solutions LLC is your best choice for handling your computer recycling. After purchasing your company’s e-waste, we will safely break down and demolish the materials while following a strict, environmentally responsible procedure according to EPA protocol.

What is safe computer recycling & why is it so important?

Safe computer recycling prevents toxic elements from the materials from damaging the environment and threatening the community’s health. To ensure safety is taken seriously by businesses and e-waste companies, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will heavily fine and penalize offenders. Entrusting your computer recycling to a capable company like GreenTek Solutions LLC puts your mind at ease about how these sensitive materials are being handled. We have the expertise and means needed for e-waste recycling for a variety of IT equipment (servers, laptops, printers, audio/video, etc.) We are also experts in:

  • IT asset management
  • Brokering and purchasing excess IT equipment
  • Data destruction
  • Environmentally safe disposal of IT assets
  • Data destruction

We’re dedicated to safe, regulated computer recycling and e-waste disposal. Contact us today to partner with us! 713-590-9720.

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