Professional Tape Shredding Services

We are one of the few companies with professional experience in sterilizing magnetic tapes that house your company’s confidential materials. We want to make sure your company’s reputation and privacy is not at risk, so we ensure all tape shredding is properly executed. Our risk-free services offered are:

  • Mobile Tape Shredding
  • Destruction Process Documentation
  • Video Record (if required)
  • Asset Tag Reporting
  • Serial Number Reporting
  • Chain of Custody Documentation

We want our clients to feel comfortable and confident that their tape shredding needs are being handled with the utmost care.
We have the ability to shred any type of media technology including flash drives, data phones, and CDs. Below are the types of tapes we are typically hired to shred:

  • VXA
  • SDLT
  • 8MM
  • DAT
  • DTF
  • DDS
  • DLT
  • LTO1
  • LTO2
  • LTO3
  • LTO4
  • LTO5

We’re dedicated to secure and regulated tape shredding and e-waste disposal. Contact GreenTek Solutions LLC today to partner with us! 713-590-9720.

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